La Plata, County, Colorado is a magical place. Inhabited originally by the Ute people of Colorado, according to tribal history, they lived here since the beginning of time. They were known as a peaceful people that traveled and camped together to care for the land.

La Plata means "the Silver" in Spanish and Durango and surrounding towns were established in the late 1800s during Colorado's mining boom by those seeking to find wealth here. Today, La Plata County still brings a wealth of outdoor recreational and business opportunities to those lucky enough to call it home.

Following in their community ancestors, La Plata County citizens possess a sense of shared values and community that lead them to care for each other, even in times of crisis, like now. AidtoAll begins its mission with La Plata County because we believe the fabric of our community is stitched together by the people that show up, every day. We know we will show up for each other, as long as there is a need.

  • La Plata County Population: 56,875
  • Labor Force: 31,340
  • Total Jobs: 30,059
  • Self Employed Jobs: 2,721
  • Average Wage - $54K
  • Companies: 2,670 Payrolled business locations
  • Expected Vulnerable Jobs from Covid: 11,800

*As of December 2019

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I am inspired by AidtoAll's urgency, their collaboration with our community, and their efforts to quickly create the capabilities to overcome the complex challenge of getting funds directly in the hands of those that need it the most during this very trying time. This is a first hand demonstration of what makes this community so unique… our residents stepping in to help, offering their expertise, and working to make a difference.

Melissa Youssef
Durango City Councilor, former Mayor

From the day I moved to Durango, I've been struck by the relentless tenacity of our community, but sometimes even the relentless need a boost. AidtoAll gives me hope, as I see them playing an important role in creating the future of our community.

Tom Stritikus
President of Fort Lewis College

AidtoAll has the potential to be the rallying cry for the recovery of our area. The tireless efforts and dedication of the team is a prime example of the selflessness of so many leaders in the community.

Ashleigh Tarkington
Mayor of Bayfield, Colorado

AidtoAll was built in partnership with a beloved community of partners, volunteers and advisors. We're proud to be working with everyone who believes in our mission, and humbled by the global community of technology companies and inspired service providers that make AidtoAll possible. We'll tell their story soon. Your story matters now.