Our mission is to keep communities moving at the pace-of-life during crisis by providing direct and immediate financial aid to those in need. The AidtoAll platform is purpose-built to provide a charitable-exchange between donors and recipients within communities experiencing a crisis. We ensure every dollar donated is provided directly to those in need, and every dollar we distribute provides relief for what matters most. Time is of the essence when disaster strikes, and we strive to ensure immediate aid is available to everyone who needs help.


The AidtoAll Mission is behind everything we do, and our beliefs and values guide us. We see a world where Doing Good does not discriminate, and together, we believe WE can create resilient communities who endure crisis.


We believe that Everyone Counts. Crisis doesn’t discriminate. Each person in our communities experiencing hardship during crisis has a right to receive help.

We believe in Community. When given the opportunity to help each other, we know that we’ll come through for each other.

We believe that Time is of the Essence. Crisis strikes without warning and the impact is felt immediately. Providing reliable, effective financial relief requires a community’s immediate response and aid is given directly to those in need.

We believe that Every Dollar Counts. Crisis creates immediate hardships throughout entire communities. If you have the ability to help, we will distribute every dollar you provide directly to those in need.

We believe in YOU. At the heart of it, the courage of those who need help and the generosity of those who provide help are the foundation behind how we all endure crisis, together.


We value Integrity: the importance of doing ‘good,’ hard work. To us, integrity is knowing the right thing to do and relentlessly pursuing the best, which is often the most challenging outcome possible.

We value Transparency. AidtoAll is in the business of keeping promises to those who trust us when they need help and to those who trust us to be good stewards of the help they provide. We don’t take this lightly, and we understand the responsibility we have to keep our promises. We know trust is earned, and we ensure that communities witness, first-hand, the impact we’re making together.

We value Partnership and Collaboration. AidtoAll is committed to the power of partnership within communities during crisis. Coordinating AidtoAll’s efforts in partnership with our communities’ network of charitable organizations, local leadership, public health groups, and other disaster relief programs creates more leverage for everyone. The value created through these partnerships strengthens the overall community response we make, together.