Our Mission

We create the ability for communities to work together during crisis by deploying technology that helps everyone impacted in crisis get access to timely & direct, financial relief from within their community.

It's vital now, more than ever... because...

...Without the financial support provided by people within our communities, the small business economy across our country is at risk of irreparable damage as we experience this crisis [THINGS WILL GET WORSE]

...Without the financial support provided by people within our communities, our friends, our family, and our neighbors are faced with insurmountable hardships in their lives as we experience this crisis [PEOPLE WE CARE ABOUT WILL CONTINUE TO SUFFER]

...Without a system that enables each of us, who can pitch in and provide financial relief to help all of us, we aren't 'community' in this crisis [MORE FRUSTRATION, MORE DIVISIVENESS, MORE HOPELESSNESS]

...Without a system in our society that gives everyone in our communities the right to ask for help, the right way to ask for it, and the right way to get it to them, the system needs to change. [THIS IS THE HUMAN RACE, PEOPLE].

...If we change the system now, we'll strengthen the fabric of our communities so that (this) crisis is met with courage and collaboration [A RESILIENT COMMUNITY].

and... because we 'can' do this right now (We know what to do, and we know how to do it)… we should. [THERE'S NEVER BEEN A MORE IMPORTANT TIME TO DO THINGS THAT WE 'SHOULD' BE DOING]

afterall... it’s up to us.

Resilient Community Photo

Everyone Counts: We recognize that there is no shame in revealing vulnerability or expressing need in times of unexpected hardship. AidtoAll strives to make the invisible, visible by providing aid to anyone in need regardless of gender, race, socioeconomic status or citizenship status.

Community-Led: AidtoAll believes that communities thrive when neighbors help neighbors. We draw on existing aid infrastructure and local organizations to service and support their own community needs.

Connected to the World: AidtoAll believes that although we live in an increasingly connected world, relief efforts need to go beyond Facebook likes and sharing memes. AidtoAll provides a technological platform to address the issue at hand – enabling those in need to seek support in a respectful and community-focused way.

A Strong Community is Resilient: Community resilience rises from failure and leaves it stronger than if it had never been tested, instilling a quiet confidence that any challenge can be overcome. AidtoAll helps keep communities intact through any crisis by revealing the character of the community and strengthening those who stumble.