How AidToAll Works

Anyone who needs help can apply, NOW. Every person counts.

We're creating something new, and we're trusting each other to make this work. Funding is provided by people that care about this community. If you need help, please apply now. If you don't need assistance this month, there are others who do. We ask that you respect this 'contract' that we're establishing, so that every dollar really does count.

Apply Now if you need help paying bills this month. One application per household, and one application per month.

Our application process is done online, and can be completed one-step-at-a-time, or all at once. Once you're registered by clicking Apply Now above, you can begin your application process.

We are funding applications now. Grants range between $250 - $1500, depending on your household's needs.

Helping this community is up to us. Donating through AidtoAll is our chance to prove it.

Donate Online, or Contact Us (link below in footer) to donate via ACH or wire transfer

Donations are distributed directly to individuals in this community

We don't charge fees, because every dollar counts.

AidtoAll is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations are tax-deductable, and distributions are tax-exempt, because every dollar counts

We strive to meet this communities needs every month. We distribute donations each month, to everyone who applies for help.

Individual applicants receive between $250 - $1500, based on current needs.

Receiving Aid. It's direct. And as quick as it takes. Every Month.

We distribute between $250 and $1500 per applicant, per month. Aid is tax exempt, and can be used to cover any bill you can't pay this month.

Aid is distributed directly to each approved applicant. One distribution per month, per applicant. You will received a prepaid re-loadable MasterCard in the mail within a week of being notified that you're approved.

We distribute quickly. We review applications when we receive them. Once you're approved, and donations are available, you won't wait long. We review applications and distribute aid each month, and we are striving to make the process of getting aid fast. We know it matters. This is a living, breathing, community effort. The more we work together, the faster we can help each other.

We built the AidtoAll platform for you. We put technology to 'good' work, in your community.

AidtoAll is built from the ground up as an all-digital, all access tool to provide financial assistance to anyone in our community who needs help, now.

We created AidtoAll to help everyone, using a web-based solution to build bridges within communities between those who need help now and those who can provide help - So there are no lines to wait in, no red-tape to cut through, no reason any person would be excluded from getting help in in our communities

AidtoAll was Built by Volunteers. All of us can help. Here's How.

Spread. The. Word. Anyone who needs help paying bills right now can apply, anyone who has the ability to donate can give right now. It's available from any web browser, on any device. But not everyone who needs help knows about AidtoAll, Not everyone has access to the internet. If you can pitch-in and need more information, we'll help you tell our story. Contact us using this email form and indicate 'Spread the Word' in *your interest*

Join the Mountain Movers team... We're built by a team of Mountain Movers, volunteers who came together to create AidtoAll and launch in La Plata County, Colorado If you are interested in helping us, serve this community,or this mission, Contact us using this email form and enter 'Mountain Mover' in *your interest*. We'd love your help!

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"The fabric of every community is stitched together by the people who show up, everyday. Around each corner live our friends, the storefronts, and the past times we cherish. Our neighbors are our teachers and those who coach our lives. Our friends help keep our lights on, and they help put food on the table that we all share. We take our time browsing neighborhood shelves and providing for each other. And we clean up and care for our doorsteps when each day ends. We do this together. It's the foundation of community. And as this crisis tears through our hometowns, dismantling our Main Street economies, and leaving our friends and our neighbors facing unprecedented challenges, we need each other."

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Immediate financial aid that turns crisis into community, everywhere.

We built AidtoAll for every community.

Contact us if you can help bring it to yours.

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